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Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year

Renew your commitment to your body – start taking steps toward vibrant health today with these tips.

Move More

Aim to engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes three or more days a week. As time goes on, strive to increase your time and the number of days you exercise.

Make Small Substitutions

Start using reduced-fat version of your kitchen staples, such as milk, sour cream and cheese. Your taste buds will hardly notice a difference, but your waistline will.

Leave A Little on Your Plate

Try to leave at least a few bites on your plate at each meal. Gradually increase the amount that is left until you no longer fell full after each meal, just satisfied.

Consider Your Risk

Identify your risk factors for cancer and heart disease. Try to change one thing each month to reduce your risk. For example, this month try to eat five or more servings of fruit and vegetable each day. Next month, take a yoga class and strive to reduce your stress levels.

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