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Becker's Hospital Review names Torrance Memorial on their "125 Hospitals with Great Orthopedic Programs" list. Read More
Many thing have changed with the Lunsquist Tower opening but one thing that hasn't changed is the help provided by our volunteers. Read More
We have two new projects that show the top-notch care that our nurses provide. Read More
Torrance Memorial Hunt Cancer Institute staff make navigating cnacer diagnosis and treatment less overwhelming. Read More
Torrance Memorial's Pet Visitation Program, trains dogs to help lift patient's spirits. Read More
Torrance Memorial's lead physical therapist, Chris Bitcon, running is an obsession. Read More
For Torrance Memorial Ambassador and Board of Trustees Member Sherry Kramers, it's all about "keeping the change." Read More
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Give me an A-I-D-E-T! What's that spell? Read More
We are communicating—whether we are speaking to one another, rounding on our patients, using the AIDET tool, engaging in peer review, teaching a class, making a presentation, getting to know a ... Read More
Tiffany Zanelli takes on the role of director of the Vasek & Anna Maria Polak Breast Diagnostic Center. Zanelli started work at Torrance Memorial on Sept. 7, 1999 as an X-ray technologist in the ... Read More
A recipe that makes it easy to add superfoods like beans and kale into your daily diet. Read More
It's National Nutrition Month, take a “byte” into a healthy lifestyle. Read More
Make the most nutritious eating and drinking decisions on St. Patrick's Day. Read More
Encourage young people to live a drug-free life. Read More
Understand the journey and process in getting help for drug and alcohol abuse. Read More
Chris a South Bay Teen tells his story of addiction and recovery. Read More
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Quick guide for you or a loved one looking into long term care. Read More
In need of retirement income? Here are a few suggested ways to invest. Read More
Lundquist Tower earns top honors in medical project category. Read More
Torrance Memorial was featured on the 2014 list of “125 Hospitals and Health Systems with Great Orthopedic Programs” published by Becker’s Hospital Review. Read More
Hospital staff coordinates 12-Hour move of approximately 150 patients to seven-story patient tower. Read More
Proposition 65 is a California State law that regulates chemical carcinogens and reproductive toxins. Read More