Customize Weight Loss Journey

Medical Weight Loss ProgramUsing evidence–based treatment strategies, the Torrance Memorial Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program offers adults a comprehensive weight loss and management treatment plan to lose excess weight. Our personalized approach meets each individual's weight-related needs by blending education, support, medical monitoring and behavior modification techniques for long-term weight loss.

Are You the Right Candidate?

Participants must have a BMI of 35 or above, or a BMI of 30 with weight-related health conditions, such as diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

What to Expect

Initial Assessment and Consultation

During your initial consultation you will meet with an expert weight loss coach who will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment. Your weight loss coach will review and discuss your concerns and weight loss goals, and explore underlying factors that may contribute to your weight gain. Following your consultation, you will be partnered with a team of medical weight loss professionals who will provide a medical evaluation.

Medical Evaluation

A nurse practitioner who specializes in weight loss and weight management will conduct a full medical evaluation of your health, biological, emotional and psychological issues that affect your weight.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Based upon the in-depth assessment and evaluation, your team will develop a weight loss treatment plan to fit your unique needs. Your personalized plan may include the following:

  • Diet and physical activity prescriptions
    Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand, and your team will discuss these two essential components with you in detail. We often deal with deeply rooted lifestyle habits. We will provide special care and attention to help you adopt these healthy habits in a successful, sustainable manner. If you require additional guidance, our registered dietitian, behavior health specialist and/or pharmacist are here to help.
  • Encourage and support behavioral lifestyle changes
    To help you keep motivated and to reach your lifelong weight management goals. Your team will encourage and refer you to Torrance Memorial Health System and community based programs to teach you powerful skills and strategies that will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. These programs may include a diabetes prevention, group fitness classes, nutritional support groups and much more.
  • Medication
    We know that sometimes you can do all the right things and still not see positive weight-loss results. It is possible that you have underlying issues that causes abnormal weight gain or prevent weight loss, and these issues may require medication to treat before you can successfully lose weight. Our expert will assess your health and prescribe the most effective, FDA-approved medication to treat your condition(s).
  • Follow-up appointments
    Follow-up visits allow you the opportunity to revisit topics or obtain further information. In addition to weigh-ins, you will meet with your team to monitor and evaluate your progress to make adjustments to your treatment plan. The frequency of follow-up visits are based on your commitment and treatment plan.

Program Cost

Initial assessment is free of charge. Medical evaluation, treatment plan and follow-up appointments are covered through your health insurance. Your co-payment might be requested. Additional fees, such as for consulting with a nutritionist and registering for community-based programs, may apply.

The Weight is Over, Start Your Journey Today

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