Complete Cancer Care, Specialized Cancer Programs

Here at the Hunt Cancer Institute at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our community of cancer experts provides expert care and compassionate support through the entire journey of cancer treatment and beyond. From screening through diagnosis and treatment and on into survivorship, we are fully dedicated to the principle of complete care for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Our dedicated oncology staff includes physicians, nurses and other professionals who’ve decided to focus their careers on caring for patients with cancer. We provide expert care, including the full range of cancer treatments. Many of our physician experts have sub-specialty experience, with additional training and years devoted to caring for patients with particular types of cancer.

Specialized cancer care programs offered at the Hunt Cancer Institute include:

Brain Cancer

There are two categories of brain cancer: Primary brain cancer begins in the brain, while metastatic brain cancer describes cancer that started elsewhere and has spread to the brain. Our oncology team provides skilled care for both types of brain cancer.

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among American women. We provide high-quality, compassionate care for the full spectrum of breast health, including mammography, and diagnosis, treatment and survivorship programs for breast cancer.

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Colorectal Cancer

When discovered early, colorectal cancer is highly curable. We offer sophisticated, compassionate, and comprehensive care to patients with colorectal cancer, including preventive screening services.

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Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer is on the rise; it affects three times as many men as women. Here at Torrance Memorial, we offer expert diagnosis and treatment for esophageal and all types of gastrointestinal cancer, from screening through testing, treatment and afterward.

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Gynecological Cancer

Cancers that can affect a woman’s reproductive system are uterine cancer (sometimes called endometrial cancer), cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and vaginal or vulvar cancer. From diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship, we provide comprehensive treatment, including minimally invasive surgery, for all gyn cancers.

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Leukemia and Lymphoma

Blood cancers, including lymphoma and leukemia, typically begin in the bone marrow, where blood is produced, and affect the production and function of blood cells. We provide specialized care for lymphoma and leukemia, including diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.

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Liver and Pancreatic Cancer

Cancers of the liver, pancreas, and bile ducts are complex and frequently require combinations of medical, surgical, and radiation specialists. Our team discusses each case to create an individualized treatment plan based on the most current knowledge. We offer the full array of testing and treatment.

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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is responsible for more deaths in our country than any other form of cancer. We provide expert treatment for lung cancer, with a multidisciplinary team of experts dedicated to delivering the highest quality, personalized treatment to lung cancer patients.

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Prostate Cancer

For men, prostate cancer is the second most common form of cancer. We are committed to delivering prompt diagnosis and optimal treatment, tailored to individual needs, as well as providing practical and emotional support to men with prostate cancer and their families.

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Sarcoma describes cancer that begins in the bones or soft tissue of the body, including the cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, fibrous tissue, or other connective or supportive tissue. Torrance Memorial’s Hunt Cancer Institute provides skilled treatment for all types of sarcomas.

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Thyroid and Endocrine Cancer

Thyroid cancer is among the most treatable forms of cancer. We diagnose and treat all forms of thyroid cancer and endocrine cancer, offering personalized treatment and support, including survivorship.

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