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Discover a leaner you and change the way you think about weight loss forever with Scale Down. Our 14-week, comprehensive fast-track program, designed for men and women with at least 20 pounds to lose, will speed you towards a healthy weight-loss goal.

Scale Down Program Provides

  • 9 months of follow-up after the program end date
  • Nutritious shakes that serve as meal replacements along with a self-prepared, calorie-controlled meal each day
  • A comprehensive health profile to set your personal weight-loss goals
  • Educational sessions led by dietitians, exercise specialists and behavioral health professionals

2-Phase Weight Loss Program

Scale Down is divided into two phases, a 14-week weight reduction phase and ongoing weight management phase.

Phase 1: Weight Reduction

Following a one-on-one pre-enrollment evaluation and body assessment, each participant begins Phase I with one-hour weekly group educational sessions, a prescribed meal plan and access to a nutritionally complete meal replacement product that helps jumpstart weight reduction. Participants consume 3 meal replacement shakes, two nutritional snack bars, one healthy salad and one self-prepared meal per day.

Throughout the program, the participants are monitored through weekly weigh-in and periodic blood pressure checks. The 1 hour educational sessions focus on developing a healthy relationship to food and making positive lifestyle changes. Education topics covered include:

  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Exercise
  • Changing Habits
  • Appropriate Eating Skills
  • Triggers of Inappropriate Eating
  • Relating to Food Assertiveness
  • Self Management

Toward the conclusion of Phase I, participants transition from dietary supplements to low-fat solid foods while they continue to lose weight.

Upon completing the program, the initial body assessment is repeated and these baseline numbers are compared to the participant's newest evaluation.

Phase 2: Weight Maintenance

Participants who have completed Phase I are encouraged to attend Phase II, a professionally facilitated weight maintenance support group. Participants weigh-in and attend group sessions designed to reinforce the behavior changes that are necessary for maintaining weight loss or achieving further reductions.

Program Cost

Program Cost is $1,400 per person. Pay in full up front and receive the discounted rate of $1,230. Cost includes class time, and meal replacement supplements. Join Scale down now, and make the change.

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If you are interested in making a commitment to your good health and improved quality of life, take the first step by joining Scale Down today, call 310-784-4897 or email scaledown@tmmc.com.

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