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Holistic Health and Healing

Holistic Health and Healing

While elimination of stress is unrealistic, management of stress is an attainable and realistic goal that can be achieved by a number of strategies. Torrance Memorial Health and Healing Center offers stress management and mindful exercise classes to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, restore energy, and improve concentration.

Bones for Life

Loss of bone density is the loss of vitality, independence and joy. Dynamic and harmonious movement is the natural key necessary for stimulating the regeneration of bone tissue.

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Emergency Energy Kit (EEK)

Join us and learn how to reduce stress quickly through the use of healing modalities from the East.

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Guided Imagery

The mind uses imagery to communicate with the body. Through guided imagery, you will learn how to use your magination to influence the way you feel and behave.

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Healing Touch For Energetic First Aid

In this fun, experiential class, you will learn simple Healing Touch tools to energetically help yourself, family and friends with minor injuries that happen in life's daily activities.

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How to B.E.A.T. Stress

Stress is part of life. Our reactions to stress may contribute to health problems. By examining our body, environment, attitude, and thoughts, we can learn new ways to respond to stress that lead to optimal health.

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Meditation Circle

Join this free weekly Meditation Circle to enhance your skills through regular practice. No reservation required. Tuesdays, on-going. 4:30-5:30 PM. West Tower, Room E.

Meditation: An Introduction to Meditation

This class is a good first step on the path of mindfulness practice, a habit which can reduce stress, ease some types of physical and emotional pain, and lead to a more compassionate outlook on life.

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Reiki Exchange

Reiki is a Japanese technique of stress reduction that works well with Western Medicine. At a Reiki Exchange, "mini" treatments are exchanged allowing energy to flow through the body and helping it to feel peaceful and balanced. Reiki Circles are a good way to see if this relaxation therapy is right for you.

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Reiki I - Self Care Certification

This class will provide “hands on” training in the art of Reiki, a stress management technique. This method helps the mind to relax, the body to recharge, and restores the energy needed to bring well-being back into your life. It will include theory, history, practice, and a certificate of completion for Reiki - Level 1.

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Reiki II - Care for Others Certification

This class will provide “hands on” training in the art of Reiki. It will include theory and practice and certification.

At the conclusion of the class participants will be able to articulate the benefits of Reiki and care for others to the nursing and medical care community, demonstrate proper Reiki technique, describe Reiki to reduce stress both at work and home, use methods to calm and balance the needs of clients, select appropriate stress reduction tools, and individualize relaxation techniques.

Prerequisite: completion of Reiki Level 1 - Self Care

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T'ai Chi Ch'uan

T'ai Chi Ch'uan has been refined into a slow, graceful, rhythmic exercise which improves balance and coordination and has the effect of promoting good health in all young and old, strong and weak.

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Yoga Basics

Harmonize mind body and spirit through gentle stretching exercises, breathing techniques and guided relaxation.

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Yoga For Wellness

This class focuses on correct postural alignment, increasing strength, flexibility and range of motion, creating healthy breathing habits and restoring vital energy to the body, mind and spirit.

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