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Torrance Memorial's ACO, Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians

Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians

CMS MSSP Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location

Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians (TMIP), LLC
3330 Lomita Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90505

ACO Primary Contact

Robin S. Camrin


Yumiko Lee

Composition of ACO

Joint venture arrangement between Torrance Health Associates and ACO professionals

ACO Participants

  • Aarchan Joshi, MD, Inc
  • Achieve Medical Group
  • Albert Chun Loh Chen, MD, Inc
  • Alfred C. Marrone, MD, A Medical Corporation
  • Ali M Meibodi, MD, Inc
  • All South Bay Foot Care Podiatry Group, Inc.
  • Allan Singer, MD, Inc. and Dean T. Chiang, MD, Inc, AMP
  • Aronson Rosenthal MD, Inc
  • Asghar Askari, MD, Inc
  • Association of South Bay Plastic Surgeons Medical Group
  • Association of South Bay Surgeons, A Medical Group, Inc
  • Babak Shabatian, A Medical Corporation
  • Barbara Schulz, MD, Inc Dba Medical Group of Women Physicians
  • Beach Cities ENT
  • Benjamin Rosin, MD, Inc
  • Bernard L. Ullman, MD
  • Brain MD
  • Cancer Care Associates Medical Group, Inc.
  • Cardiofit Medical Group, Inc
  • Carl R Wagreich, A Professional Corporation
  • Catherine Bannerman, MD
  • Charles D. Turek, MD, Inc
  • Chong V. Kim, M.D.
  • Christine Kuida, MD
  • Comprehensive Pain and Sports Rehabilitation
  • COR HealthCare Medical Associates
  • Cristal M. Lynch, MD, Inc.
  • Daniel Harvey, MD, A Professional Corp
  • Daryl R. Rheuark, MD, Inc.
  • David I. Cohen, MD, Inc
  • David L. Edelman, MD
  • David O. Kim, M.D.
  • David Oh, MD
  • David Stern, MD
  • Digestive Care Consultants
  • Doctor Marina Raikhel
  • Doctor Muttalib and Associates, Inc
  • Donald B. Striplin, MD
  • Douglas Sakamoto, MD
  • Dr. Milton Leroy Owens
  • Emad Khaleeli, M.D.
  • Erol Kosar, MD, Inc
  • Estrella A. Aguinaldo, MD
  • Family Practice Associates of Carson Medical Group
  • Gastroenterology Associates of the South Bay, A Profess Medical Corp
  • George Thompson Jr. MD
  • Ghodsi Madani, MD
  • Grezgorz Majcher, MD
  • H. Elena Rodriguez, MD, Inc
  • Hakimeh Kadivar, MD, Inc.
  • Harold Isenberg DDS, MD
  • Hecht Eye Institute, Inc.
  • Helen Kuo, DPM, Inc.
  • Hosayan Khaleeli, M.D. Inc.
  • ID MED, A Medical Group
  • James D. Wethe, MD
  • James Jens Black, MD
  • John K. McKissock, MD
  • John R. Moeller, MD, Inc.
  • Joseph F. Lopez, MD, Inc
  • Joseph Ford, MD, Inc
  • Jui-Jung Li, MD, MPH
  • Juma Bharadia, MD, Inc, Dba Icardiology
  • Kay May Kwok, MD, Inc.
  • Kenneth J Miller, A Medical Corporation
  • Khaja R Ahmed, A Professional Corporation
  • Lawrence K. Abend
  • Lydia Matkovich, MD, A Medical Corporation
  • Madison Park Family Medical
  • Malay R. Das, MD
  • Marc F Colman, Professional Corporation
  • Marc G Mittleman
  • Marcil M. Mamita M.D., a Medical Corporation
  • Marcos Yang, MD, Inc
  • Mark Lurie, MD Inc
  • Maxwell Dartey MD, Inc
  • Meena Oberoi M.D.
  • Michele Del Vicario, MD, Inc
  • Mikael M. Purne, MD
  • Milefchik-Rand Medical Group, Inc.
  • Bottom of Form
  • Modern Woman''s Healthcare, Inc.
  • Moyeen Khaleeli, MD, Inc
  • Nam M. Lai M.D.
  • Ong Medical Clinic Inc.
  • Patrick C. Yeh, MD, Inc.
  • Peninsula Pulmonary Medical Associates
  • Peter B. Shin, MD, Inc.
  • Peter S. Lorman, MD
  • Raj U Dugel
  • Ramaneyhynes
  • Ramaya and Associates
  • Ravin Kumar, MD
  • Renuka R. Boyapalli, MD, Inc
  • Revivex Healthcare Inc.
  • Ricardo Huete, M.D.
  • Richard M Butlig MD Inc
  • Ripu Arora
  • Robert Anavian, DPM
  • Robert B Hosseini MD Inc
  • Ronald F Rosso, A Medical Corporation
  • Sharda Bhasin
  • Shirlene Jay, MD, Inc.
  • Sitaraman Jyotheeswaran, MD, FACP, A Medical Corporation
  • Soliman Care Family Practice Center
  • Song Institute of Allergy and Asthma
  • South Bay Gastroenterology Medical Group
  • South Bay Orthopaedic Specialists
  • Southbay Family Medical Group
  • Stephen W. McCann, MD, Inc
  • Steven Rosenberg, MD, Inc
  • Steven, A Sawelson, MD
  • Stuart R. Grant, MD, Inc, A Medical Corporation
  • Sunmin Park, MD, Inc.
  • Susan Goodlerner, MD, Inc.
  • Sushila Agrawal, MD, Inc
  • The Institute of Brain & Spine Surgery
  • Tim K. Cha, MD, A Neurology Medical Corporation
  • Timothy A. McGillivary, MD, Inc
  • Tormed Women''s Medical Group, Inc
  • Torrance Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc.
  • Torrance Family Practice
  • Torrance Health Association
  • Torrance Memorial Hospitalist Associates
  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Torrance Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group
  • Traditional Family Practice
  • Tran Medical Inc.
  • Urological Medical Associates
  • Urology Institute of the South Bay
  • Victoria Y. Shin, MD, Inc
  • Vincent S. Yu, MD, Inc.
  • Washima Masoodi Md, Inc
  • Wayne K. Tsang, MD, Inc
  • William C. Kim, Inc
  • William K. Averill, MD , FACC, A Medical Corporation
  • Women''s Healthcare Specialty Group

ACO Governing Body

  • Eric Milefchik, M.D., President/Secretary, ACO Participant, Milefchik-Rand Medical Group, Inc.
  • David Wallis, M.D., Vice President/Secretary, ACO Participant, South Bay Family Medical Group
  • Sally Eberhard, Sr. Vice President, THA
  • Robert Glazer, M.D., ACO Participant, Torrance Family Practice
  • Hugo Hool, M.D., ACO Participant, Cancer Care Associates Medical Group, Inc.
  • Craig Leach, President/CEO, THA
  • Rich Lucy, Medicare Beneficiary
  • Marcil Mohamad Mamita, M.D., ACO Participant, Marcil M. Mamita, MD, A Medical Corporation
  • John McNamara, M.D., Sr. Vice President, THA
  • Gene Naftulin, M.D., ACO Participant, Urology Institute of the South Bay A Division of Urology Specialists of Southern California
  • F. Lee Reitler, M.D., ACO Participant, South Bay Family Medical Group
  • Nicholas Silvino, M.D., ACO Participant, South Bay Orthopaedic Specialists

ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

  • Clinical Quality and Integration Committee : James Sattler, M.D., Chair
  • Provider Network Committee: Robert Glazer, M.D., Chair
  • Information Technology Committee:
  • Finance Committee: Nicholas Silvino, M.D., Chair
  • Chief Medical Officer: Ujjwala Dheeriya, M.D.
  • Executive Director: John McNamara, M.D.

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Performance Year 1: TBD
  • Performance Year 2: TBD
  • Performance Year 3: TBD

How Shared Savings Are Distributed

  • Shareholders 20%
  • TBD 80%

Where Can I Find More Information about ACOs?

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