Proposed Revisions To Medical Staff Rules/Regulations and Policies/Procedures

The Medical Staff Bylaws require that the Medical Executive Committee only act on proposed revisions to Rules, Regulations and Policies/Procedures after the Medical Staff has had a reasonable opportunity to review and comment on the proposed revisions. In accordance with the Medical Staff Bylaws, the following are being posted for review and comment. Please forward all comments to the Medical Staff Services Department (email to or to fax: 310-784-8762) no later than November 5, 2015 . All comments will be summarized and provided to the Medical Executive Committee prior to it acting on the proposed revisions on November 10, 2015. The proposed revisions are to the following which can be viewed by clicking below:

October 2015

  1. Medical Staff Policy & Procedure:Non-Medical Staff Physicians and Others Observing in Patient Care Areas(Revised)
  2. Medical Staff Policy & Procedure: Disaster Privileges (Revised)