EBSCO host provides access to all the medical databases described below. Only individuals affiliated with Torrance Memorial are allowed access and a user ID and password are required.

To access the databases on the internet enter http://search.ebscohost.com. A link is also available on Torrance Memorial's Focal Point page. For user ID, password and additional information please contact the Medical Library at (310) 517-4720.

EBSCOhost Web: In January 2004 Torrance Memorial's Medical Library began a subscription to EBSCOhost Web that provides access to approximately 900 full-text journals and allows clients to link to full-text from journal citations within National Library of Medicine's PubMed (MEDLINE) database. Most of the journals covered are available in PDF format. Databases to which the Medical Library subscribes include:

  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing and allied health journals, providing full text for more than 750 journals indexed in CINAHL. This authoritative file contains full text for many of the most used journals in the CINAHL index - with not embargo. CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the definitive research tool for all areas of nursing and allied health literature.
  • Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials is a bibliography of controlled trials identified by contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration and others, as part of an international effort to hand search the world's journals and create an unbiased source of data for systematic reviews.
  • Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews contains full text articles, as well as protocols focusing on the effects of health care. Data is evidence-based medicine and is often combined statistically (with meta-analysis) to increase the power of the findings of numerous studies, each too small to produce reliable results individually.
  • Cochrane Methodology Register (CMR) is a bibliography of publications which report on methods used in the conduct of controlled trials. It includes journal articles, books and conference proceedings; these articles are taken from the MEDLINE database and from hand searches. The database contains studies of methods used in reviews and more general methodological studies which could be relevant to anyone preparing systematic reviews. CMR records contain the title of the article, information on where it was published (bibliographic details), and in some cases, a summary of the article. CMR is produced by the UK Cochrane Centre, on behalf of the Cochrane Methodology Review Group.
  • Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE) includes abstracts of published systematic reviews on the effects of health care from around the world, which have been critically analyzed according to a high standard of criteria. This database provides access to quality reviews in subjects for which a Cochrane review may not yet exist.
  • Health Business Full Text Elite provides full text from 490 journals. It provides comprehensive journal content detailing all aspects of health care administration and other non-clinical aspects of health care institution management.
  • Health Technology Assessments (HTA) provides details of completed and ongoing health technology assessments (studies of the medical, social, ethical and economic implications of health care interventions) from around the world. The aim of the database is to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care. In addition to systematic reviews, HTA contains ongoing and completed research based on trials, questionnaires and economic evaluations.
  • MEDLINE with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for medical journals, providing full text for more than 1,450 journals indexed in MEDLINE. Of those, more than 1,430 have cover-to-cover indexing in MEDLINE, and of those, 553 are not found with full text in any version of Academic Search, Health Source or Biomedical Reference Collection.
  • NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED) assists decision-makers in the world of professional health care by providing information on the costs and effects of drugs, treatments and procedures. Economic evaluations - the cost-benefit analysis of two or more different medical treatments - from around the world are systematically identified, described and appraised for quality while their relative strengths and weaknesses are explored and highlighted. The database contains over 6,000 abstracts of quality-assessed economic evaluations and more than 21,000 total records. It is produced by the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD) at the University of York, UK.
  • Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Comprehensive is designed for nursing and allied health professionals, students, educators and researchers. This database provides full text for nearly 400 journals covering the areas of nursing, biomedicine, health sciences, consumer health and allied health disciplines. Nearly all full text titles included are indexed in CINAHL.
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection is a comprehensive database covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology and observational & experimental methods. This is the world's largest full text psychology database offering full text coverage for nearly 560 journals.

DynaMed: In July 2010 Torrance Memorial's Medical Library began a subscription to DynaMed that is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use primarily at the point-of-care. It is designed to provide the best available evidence to support clinical decision-making and includes clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,000 evidence-based clinical topics. DynaMed was selected because it is updated daily; all information is evidenced-based; provides unlimited free access remotely and via mobile devices; is quick and easy to read; and, is concise and to the point. Features of DynaMed include, but are not limited to:

    • Clinically-organized, evidence-based topic summaries
    • Drug information
    • Detailed reference support
    • ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes
    • Daily updates
    • Patient information
    • Unlimited access (onsite and remotely)
    • Full-text journals
    • Medical calculators
    • EMR/HER integration
    • Smartphone/PDA access
    DynaMed is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases directly and indirectly by using many journal review services. Each publication is reviewed cover-to-cover, and each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity. The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate representing a synthesis of the best available evidence. Through this process of systematic literature surveillance, the best available evidence determines the content of DynaMed.

    To view a 5-minute tutorial video on the internet enter http://support.epnet.com/training/flash_videos/dynamed/dynamed.html.

    Nursing Reference Center: In July 2010 Torrance Memorial's Medical Library began a subscription to Nursing Reference Center that is a comprehensive reference tool designed to provide relevant clinical resources to nurses and other health care professionals, directly at the point-of-care. This database offers staff nurses, nurse administrators and nurse faculty the best available and most recent clinical evidence from thousands of full-text documents. Nursing Reference Center was selected because it is updated daily; all information is evidence-based; provides unlimited free access remotely; aligns nicely with Magnet and Joint Commission requirements; is quick and easy to read; and, is concise and to the point. Features of Nursing Reference Center include, but are not limited to:
    • Conditions and diseases
    • Evidence-based care sheets
    • Drug information
    • Lab and diagnosis detail
    • Best practice guidelines
    • Patient education resources
    • Continuing education
    • Nursing skills and procedures
    • Cultural competencies
    • Point-of-care reference books
    • Full-text journals
    • Research instruments
    • Legal cases
    • Latest medical news

    Nursing Reference Center is produced and reviewed by nurses, ensuring that nurses are accessing the most relevant information available to meet day-to-day patient care requirements.

    To view an 11-minute tutorial video on the internet enter http://support.epnet.com/training/flash_videos/NRC/nrc.html.