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Women's Cancer Support Group

Support Group

A gathering of women sharing stories, gathering strength, and learning to adapt to life changes. Lectures include:

January 7 Yoga 4 Wellness
February 4 The Forgiving Heart for Women in Transition - Nancy Siskowic, RN, MSN, NP, CNS-BC
March 4 Psychology of Healing
April 1 Music Therapy
May 6 Mindful Movement
June 3 Ancient Energy Systems & Healing - Dennis Kinnane, O.M.D., L.A.C., Pharmacist
July 1 Exercise - End Results
August 5 Self Care Massage
September 2 Regaining Mobility Using the Feldenkrais Method
October 7 Healing Touch
November 4 Tai Chi
December 2 Spirituality: Finding Your Wings

Price: Free
Location: Dr. Hoffman Health Conference Center
Location Map: Location Map
Registration Type: No Reservations Required
Registration Info: 310-517-4665
Address: 3315 Medical Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90505
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