Torrance Memorial New Graduate RN Residency

Questions and Answers about Torrance Memorial’s Open House for New Graduate RNs on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Updated 05-26-17

When is Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s New Graduate RN Open House?
Our Open House for new graduates will be Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 8:30am-12:00pm in the Hoffman Health Conference Center (located on the west side of campus off Skypark Drive and Medical Center Drive). Plenty of free parking is available in the West Tower Parking Garage.

When does your next RN Residency start?
Our next cohort will start August 28, 2017.

What if I can’t make it to the June 24 Open House?
If you are unable to attend the Open House, you can still apply for a new graduate RN position once the postings appear on our web site. It’s a good idea to check the web site twice a week to avoid missing the submission period. The position will appear as “New Graduate RN.”

Do I need a reservation for the June 24 Open House?
Reservations for the Open House are not being taken. Please arrive when you can and if necessary, be prepared to wait. We want to be sure to meet everyone! Sorry, we are unable to provide campus tours during the Open House.

How will the Open House work?
When you arrive, you will be greeted and asked if you have completed your BSN. Then, you will be given two brief forms to complete. Please be prepared to indicate the top three Nursing areas where you would most like to work. We anticipate openings on both shifts (7a-7p and 7p-7a) in Oncology, Medical Unit, Surgical Unit (Orthopedics, Bariatrics), Progressive Care (“Telemetry”), ICU, Burn ICU, and Cardiovascular ICU. We are not hiring new graduates this time into our Mother-Baby unit, Pediatrics, nor the Emergency Department. You will be asked for your resume by different people so please be well-prepared with multiple copies. When it’s your turn, you’ll have a brief period of time to chat with the hiring team. If you are selected for a formal interview, you will be contacted by phone within 1-2 weeks to schedule this.

Do I need to have my RN license and BSN to apply for a position?
While you don’t need to have taken your NCLEX to apply for a position, you will need to have a California RN license at least two weeks before the residency begins. [The cohort starts August 28, 2017.] Interim Permits may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please note that a completed BSN is a requirement for hire into our new graduate RN residency.

Do you accept MSN/MECN candidates who have already passed their NCLEX but haven’t yet graduated from school?
We are unable to accept MSN/MECN candidates who have not yet graduated from their program, regardless of their nursing licensure status. If you have graduated with your MSN/MCEN, you would be eligible.

How do I apply for a New Graduate RN position?
The job posting is not yet on our web site but it’s a good idea to check it twice a week.

How can I get more information about your residency?
Please go to our web site and click the link for “RN Residency.” We are busy preparing for the June 24 Open House so we hope you understand that we are unable to personally respond to your phone calls or emails at this time.

What else should I know about in advance?
Torrance Memorial is a GREAT place to work with friendly, talented, and dedicated staff who support new grads! Our Lundquist Tower is beautiful and modern. We are Magnet designated and an independent, locally-owned and governed medical center. We love our new grads and see the 18 week residency as a valuable investment in our future. You will quickly feel our caring atmosphere and realize that at Torrance Memorial, you are a part of something bigger!