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What is Transfusion Free Surgery?

Transfusion Free Surgery means performing operations without the use of blood transfusion. It is a practice of relying on the patient’s own blood instead of donor blood. Essentially, the patient’s own blood is conserved within himself and his body is his “own blood bank”. It is a multi-specialty approach in all phases of care. It is the ultimate application of Patient Blood Management. 

What is Patient Blood Management (PBM)? 
  • The application of evidence-based medical and surgical concepts with the purpose of relying on the patient’s own blood rather than on donor blood.
  • PBM is a multi-disciplinary approach involving all physicians involved and the practice is applied in all stages of patient care: preoperative, during the operation and after surgery.
  • The effective PBM means less use of donor blood or no blood transfusion.

Benefits of Patient Blood Management

  • Better clinical outcomes (less mortality and complications) of patients who do not receive blood.
  • The practice promotes safety avoiding blood –borne diseases, viruses and bacterial infections.
  • Cost-effective strategy in blood conservation; a solution to blood supply crises.
  • Performance measures on blood transfusion are becoming requirements or mandated for accreditation of hospitals, government agencies (Medicare), insurance companies, etc.
  • Legal issues: avoids problems and possible liabilities related to inappropriate blood transfusions.