Cardiology Tests and Procedures

Our services include the tests and procedures that your doctor has determined will help him to evaluate and/or treat your cardiac condition more effectively. These tests include procedures done in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab such as catheterizations, balloon angioplasties and electrophysiology studies where the patient is admitted to the hospital for observation for a short time after the procedure. Also included are those done on an out-patient basis such as stress testing, echocardiography and monitoring for irregular heart rhythms.

Our goal is to provide you with on-line information about the services we provide so that your visit to the hospital will go more smoothly and you will know what to expect and what preparation is needed. Specific information and directions for each particular test and procedure is provided here on the web site.

How to Access Services

Pre-registration will help your visit go more promptly and smoothly. This can be done by telephone one to three days prior to your scheduled procedure.

If you have any questions about our services or would like information about a test or procedure that is not listed here, please call the Lundquist Cardiovascular Institute at 310-517-4710. To schedule an appointment call 310-517-4738.