Cancer Treatment Specialists at Torrance Memorial:

Medical Oncologist

A physician who leads the treatment plan and coordinates each step for many types of cancer. With advanced training in medical management of cancer, your medical oncologist may recommends therapy options to most effectively treat your condition. These board-certified physicians guide each patient through treatment and into recovery with regular follow-ups and wellness monitoring.


With the use of the most up-to-date equipment in our Radiology Department, radiologists give your cancer care team essential information about your condition with expert interpretation of imaging findings. These physicians have advanced training in reading and reporting results from CT scans, PET scans, MRI scans, digital mammograms, digital X-rays and ultrasounds. Radiologists also use these imaging devices to guide biopsies and some cancer treatments. More information about Torrance Memorial Radiology department in available here.


This essential, though often unseen, physician on your cancer care team works in our laboratory to diagnose the specific type and nature of your disease. These highly trained experts evaluate samples from blood, tissue, fluid and biopsy samples to make vital decisions about the properties and behavior of your specific condition. This information informs your cancer physicians and surgeons on how to proceed with treatment and can be used to measure treatment effectiveness. More information about Torrance Memorial Pathology department is available here.

Surgeon/Surgical Oncologist

Surgery when indicated, provides the fastest and most effective means to remove cancer. The expert surgeons at Torrance Memorial have advanced training in specific surgical procedures for treating cancer, including advanced techniques such as robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Torrance Memorial medical staff includes surgeons who are board-certified in a wide array of surgical specialties including gynecologic oncology, urology, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, as well as many others. More information about surgery at Torrance Memorial is available here.

Radiation Oncologist

With advanced training in providing radiation therapy, your radiation oncologist at Torrance Memorial designs a custom radiation treatment. Using sophisticated equipment and CT planning, radiation therapy is delivered to the exact site of a tumor. More information about Torrance Memorial Radiation Oncology department is available here.

Interventional Radiologist

A physician who uses sophisticated imaging to guide the process of obtaining a tissue specimen for diagnoses or deliver treatment directly to a tumor using minimally invasive techniques without surgery. More information about Torrance Memorial Interventional Radiology department is available here.

Plastic Surgeon/Reconstructive Surgeon

Following the surgical removal of cancer, a reconstructive or plastic surgeon will rebuild areas altered by the treatment. As part of your personalized treatment, these specialists can tailor the reconstruction to fit you body type and goals for cosmetic outcome.