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Highest Standard of Inpatient Care

Facing the more serious challenges of cancer treatment may require inpatient care. Torrance Memorial created a dedicated inpatient oncology and palliative care unit - 2 North Lemkin Pavilion - to meet the specific needs of inpatient cancer care.

Patients may seek inpatient hospital care for active cancer treatment, surgical complications, significant side effects from other cancer treatments and to face the difficulties of advanced disease. Your stay is not only structured to provide the most advanced care, but also the deepest emotional support for you or your family when the challenges are the greatest.

Beyond Nursing

Also known as the 2-North Inpatient unit, this 25-bed unit is staffed with certified oncology nurses who are specifically trained in providing the most complete care to cancer patients. They are the front line to support for you and your family during a stay at Torrance Memorial. These nurses are certified in the administration of chemotherapy and biotherapy,

The multi-step training required of the nurses in the 2-North Inpatient unit includes:

  • Successful completion of the Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course
  • Full certification in administering cancer-fighting medications
  • Internship over several months with one-on-one clinical supervision to perfect drug administration
  • Specific training in monitoring treatment and managing drug side effects

The nurses at The Lemkin Pavilion are truly attuned to the comfort and well being of you and your family. These nurses will explain each step of your treatment to you and your loved ones; including possible side effects and how to cope with them.

Specific Features

The particular needs of cancer patients are their loved ones were considered at every step  of the 2-North design process, with safety and comfort being the primary considerations.

  • Registered nurses certified in chemotherapy and care of the patient and family with cancer.
  • Staff personnel with uniforms color-coded to their job responsibility.
  • A Child Life Specialist to provide emotional support for children when an adult in the family is hospitalized for cancer treatment.
  • Large, private patient rooms decorated in pleasing colors and attractive furnishings.
  • Flat screen TV, DVD, VCR and Internet access in every room.
  • Unlimited family stay.
  • Private consultation room.
  • Family Room with amenities and conveniences - including lounge and kitchen.
  • Snacks, beverages, warm blankets and more provided to patient families.

Other Specialists

An entire team of cancer care specialists is available at the 2-North Inpatient unit to ease the burden of treatment. These compassionate experts aid in recovery and help allay negative side effects. Each of these services are also available on an outpatient basis for any patient at Torrance Memorial.


    Specializing in caring for cancer patients, dieticians serving The Lemkin Pavillion develop eating strategies to relieve nutritional difficulties. These healthcare professionals help you to keep weight on and fortify your body for healing while attempting to alleviate the discomfort of side effects.

    Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

    Specializing in the care of abdominal stomas, these nurses typically work with advanced cancer patients. They teach proper care techniques and cleaning to decrease complications and infections that can interfere with recovery and additional cancer therapy.

    Rehabilitation Therapists

    Therapist specializing in physical, occupational and speech therapy for cancer patients often represent a first tangible step to recovery. These members of your care team patient guide you to regaining function lost through cancer treatment.

    Wound Care Specialists

    Depending on the extent and severity of surgical treatment, some patients require the aid of the Wound Care Team. These specialists develop treatment recovery plans to promote the regeneration of tissue in the healing process.

    Patient Support Specialists

    Social workers are available to offer counseling and support to patients and families coping with the emotional consequences of major illness. They also assist patients and families to identify resources in the community for use after discharge.

    Case Management

    Assist in discharge planning to ease transition from hospital to home, rehabilitation or long-term care setting.

Origins of The Lemkin Pavilion

The Lemkin Pavilion is dedicated in memory of the late oncologist Stephen R. Lemkin, M.D. A leader in the development and management of the cancer program at Torrance Memorial for almost three decades, he has been remembered through the Stephen R. Lemkin, M.D. Memorial Lecture, which features renowned physicians in the fields of research and treatment of cancer.

The $12 million facility opened its doors officially in April 2008. Funding for this remarkable inpatient unit came in part from generous donations by the medical and corporate communities of the South Bay.