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Physicians and Care Team

Collaborative Treatment and Exceptional Care

Taking the leadership of complete cancer care involves collaboration between physicians who are board-certified in their area of oncology specilization. gists and a specialized team of physicians and surgeons who craft and deliver a personal treatment plan. The continued dialogue between physicians, nurses and support staff insures a personal treatment plan and continuity of care for each patient.

Among the resources deployed to insure complete care is the weekly meeting of the Tumor Board - a collaborative venue for physicians and team members to discuss details of specific cases, review treatment options and discuss the latest research findings that apply to each patient's diagnosis.


Complete care can require a team of physicians and surgeons- each with specific advanced training - dedicated to the unique demands of each patient. Understanding the roles of each specialist can feel overwhelming and intimidating to patients and families. For assistance finding a physician who specializes in cancer treatment, call the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665 or the Physician Referral Service at 310-517-4700. Torrance Memorial also has a Physician Search option that can help you search for the type of physician you are interested in locating.

Learn more about the physician cancer treatment specialists at Torrance Memorial.


Beyond the treatment of physicians is an array of dedicated nurses, technicians, and support staff to assist patients and their loved ones through the cancer experience. This team of compassionate health care professionals comprises the community that surrounds each patient and ushers them through the cycle of care. With the high-caliber training in oncology, these teams provide physical treatment and emotional support through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Oncology Nurses

The 7 West Lundquist Tower Lemkin Pavilion, which is inpatient oncology, as well as 4 East and the Torrance Memorial Specialty Center, our outpatient infusion centers, are staffed by nurses who have successfully completed the Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy Biotherapy Course and have demonstrated competency in administering these medications, as well as expertise in managing treatment side effects. In addition, most of the nurses have achieved board certification from a nationally recognized professional organization such as the Oncology Nursing Society. The nursing team includes Advance Practice Nurses--RNs who have completed a Masters degree specializing in the care of patients with oncology diagnoses--who can be contacted in the Cancer Resource Center or by calling 310-517-4665.

Social Services

Torrance Memorial's team of licensed clinical social workers assist patients with a wide variety of stress and challenges that can occur when someone is diagnosed with cancer. The patient's loved ones and caregivers are recognized as an important part of the team to help the patient achieve the best possible outcome. Social workers are available to meet with the patient and loved ones to discuss issues of concern and make a plan to access supportive services in the community, financial assistance, and many other types of assistance.

Child Life Specialist

A member of the Pediatrics team who is trained in assisting children to cope with the stress of having a parent with cancer. The Child Life Specialist uses play and other developmentally-appropriate activities to provide the child the support and reassurance they need when a parent is ill.

Case Management/Discharge Planning

The transition from inpatient care to home can require extra effort to make sure the cancer patient continues to receives the care and support they need. Our team of Case Managers and Discharge Planners, all RNs, assist patients and families to identify and obtain the services, equipment, and other support that the patient will need when they leave the hospital. If care in a rehabilitation or other type of facility is required, the Case Management/Discharge Planners can assist patients and families to locate and evaluate the best setting for the level of care that the patient needs.

Nutrition Services

A healthy diet is important to help the person receiving cancer treatment cope with digestive side effects of treatment, maintain adequate intake of calories and nutrients, and avoid weight loss which can result in lack of energy and treatment delay. The registered dieticians in our Nutrition Services department are available to meet with hospitalized patients to plan healthy meals that include the patient's likes and preferences for taste and variety.

For persons with cancer who are receiving care outside the hospital, the registered dieticians in the Nutrition Services department are available for one-on-one consultation to help with meal planning and healthy eating suggestions. To arrange an appointment, call Nutritional Services at 310-257-5740.

Because person's receiving radiation therapy to treat cancer often experience symptoms that interfer with maintaining optimal nutrition, the Torrance Memorial Radiation Oncology department has a dedicated registered dietician to meet with patients and loved ones for nutritional education.

Palliative Care Service

For assistance with managing symptoms and other issues associated with serious illness, the physicians and nurses on the Torrance Memorial Palliative Care Service can provide teaching, counseling and guidance.

Spiritual Care

Faith and the spiritual dimension of living are very important to many patients and loved ones dealing with cancer. The Torrance Memorial Chaplain is an important part of the team on 7 West Lundquist Tower and is available to meet with patients and loved ones by calling 310-891-6694 or by asking the 7 West Lundquist Tower nurses or social worker. In addition, the 7 West Lundquist Tower nurses and social worker can assist with locating appropriate clergy in the community for a hospital visit with the patient.

Torrance Memorial Hospice has a dedicated clergyperson who can be reached by calling the Torrance Memorial Hospice at 310-784-3751.


The Torrance Memorial Rehabilitation Department has a comprehensive Oncology Rehabilitation Program to assist the person with cancer to recover from treatment and achieve optimal health and functioning.

Home Health

Many family caregivers need assistance with maintaining essential care when the patient transitions from the hospital to home. The Torrance Memorial Home Health nurses can provide a daily check after surgery, administration of medications, and many other types of therapy that can safely be administered to the patient in the comfort of their own home. Torrance Memorial Home Health can be reached by calling 310-784-3739.


The goal of the hospice team is to provide comfort and relief of symptoms for persons with serious illness who are facing the end of life. The hospice team cares for the patient in their home by assisting family caregivers. The Torrance Memorial Hospice team can be reached by calling 310-784-3751.

Find A Physician

For assistance finding a physician who specializes in cancer treatment, call the Cancer Resource Center