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Although cancer survivorship begins the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer, most patients begin thinking about themselves as a survivor after they have finished active treatment. Survivorship means not just being alive, but achieving one's optimal level of health and well-being. Being a cancer survivor holds its own challenges including:

  • Adjusting to "a new normal"
  • Coping with lasting side effects of treatment
  • Physical and emotional recovery
  • Worry about disease recurrance
  • Return to work and normal activities
  • Achieving the best possible level of health and wellness

The oncology nurses at the Torrance Memorial Cancer Resource Center offer education and guidance to assist cancer survivors. A partner with the UCLA-LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivorship Center of Excellence, the Advance Practice Nurses at the Cancer Resource Center offer information on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications that can enhance recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence.

UCLA-LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Partnership

Torrance Memorial is proud of the partnership with the UCLA-LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Network. This invitation-only collaboration is extended to Torrance Memorial from the Lance Armstrong Foundation as a community affiliate of the UCLA Medical Center. This collaboration provides Torrance Memorial with involvement in survivorship research and resources for developing programs and services to better meet the needs of cancer survivors.

An essential component of the Cancer Resource Center is the Cancer Survivorship Program in partnership with the UCLA-LIVESTRONG™ Cancer Survivorship Center of Excellence. The program transforms the idea of cancer care and education by maintaining as strong a connection with patients in recovery.

The oncology nurses at the Cancer Resource Center can assist with a variety of survivorship concerns including gathering a copy of your medical record for your personal files, identifying the best strategies to maximize wellness, and outline a plan for follow-up care to make sure you get the health monitoring you need during the important years that follow cancer treatment.

Finding New Meaning

Cancer survivors can experience profound emotions after active treatment is complete. Survival from this serious illness inspires in many a re-examination of their lives. It is common to question where your life has taken you and where it is heading. Surviving cancer give patients a cause to celebrate and a reason to move forward with their lives. An excellent resource to help you explore this and other related issues commonly experienced by cancer survivors is the National Cancer Institute Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment booklet.

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Cancer Resource Center continues with their guidance services through survivorship. Each patient or loved one is guided by an Advanced Practice Oncology Nurse to connect with community resources including support groups, exercise programs and volunteer opportunities.

Treatment Summary

The Cancer Survivorship Advanced Practice Nurses will assist you to organize important information and documents concerning your cancer treatment. Once you have gathered all of this important information, we recommend you give a copy to your health care providers to help them understand your future health care needs. Download the Torrance Memorial Treatment Record now to begin organizing all your information.

Oncology Rehabilitation Program

The Torrance Memorial Oncology Rehabilitation Program can provide an assessment of physical problems including lymphedema that result from cancer treatment, and develop a program to assist the cancer survivor to regain his or her optimal level of functioning.

Studies suggest that the best way to lower the risk of many types of cancer is through regular exercise. Feeling physically fit and vital is a goal of most people and contributes to a person's quality of life. The Torrance Memorial Health Education department offers a wide variety of free or low-cost exercise and wellness opportunities.

South Bay Cancer Survivorship Consortium

The South Bay Survivorship Consortium is made up of a oncology specialists in the community and includes Advance Practice Nurses from Torrance Memorial Hunt Cancer Institute and Cancer Care Associates Medical Group, and physicians from California Hematology Oncology Medical Group and Health Care Partners Medical Group. The group offers lectures on topics of interest to cancer survivors throughout the year.

Learn more about the activities of the South Bay Cancer Survivorship Consortium.

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