Supporting Our Community

Community access to quality health care services has been a top priority for Torrance Memorial Medical Center for more than 80 years. We evaluate the needs of our community on an on-going basis and plan for the future according to those needs. In keeping with our strategic mission, our Board-level Community Benefits Committee regularly reviews the medical center's Community Needs Assessment and makes recommendations that are the basis for this report.

Remaining strong and stable for the future is our foremost goal. We want to make certain that our community can continue to turn to us for the outstanding health services and vital community programs that have distinguished Torrance Memorial Medical Center since 1925. Keeping this care accessible to all is important to us as well.

In 2012, Torrance Memorial Medical Center provided just under $60 million in Community Benefit and other significant financial contributions to members of its service area. Community benefit is defined as programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing in response to an identified community need. Community Benefit programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Respond to a public health need
  • Involve education or research that improves overall community health
  • Respond to needs of special populations
  • Supply services or programs that would likely be discontinued if the decision was made solely on a financial basis because they operate at a financial loss

Estimated Economic Value of Community Benefits

Provided by Torrance Memorial Medical Center in 2014

Senate Bill 697 Category Programs and Services Includeda Unreimbursed Cost
Medical Care Services Subsidy of Medically Indigent Patientsb
Charity Carec
Subsidy of Medicare Program
Other Medical Services
Other Benefits for Vulnerable Populationsd Van transportation, support of local non-profits, and referrals to local resources $266,989
Other Benefits for the Broader Communityd Health fairs, health education classes, educational tapes, information, support groups, web site, resource centers, and collaboration with school districts and local agencies $2,187,271
Health Research, Education and Training Programsd Continuing education programs, disaster preparation training, career preparation programs for nursing and ancillary personnel $408,915

GRAND TOTAL $67,612,665

Community Benefits Feedback

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Community Benefits Reporting

Our community health needs assessment for 2013