Our Quality Ratings

Torrance Memorial participates in ongoing quality studies that measure and compare our patient care and outcomes to established medical standards, or benchmarks, established by independent outside healthcare review organizations. Measurement of hospital quality is in its infancy and exactly how and what to measure is still being developed due to several factors including the complexity and variability of patient conditions and inconsistent sources of data between hospitals. Nevertheless, quality studies are an important facet of consumer choice and availability of comparative data will continue to expand as the healthcare community gains consensus on how to perform the appropriate studies. All healthcare consumers stand to benefit as they become more knowledgeable about the quality of hospital care.

As a consumer trying to make an informed decision on your healthcare provider, you will benefit by becoming knowledgeable of the results of these studies.

Cancer Survival

Early detection and state-of-the-art treatment has long been a priority at Torrance Memorial. Our diagnostic services offer our community the full complement of available technology and highly trained physicians to diagnose cancer early and treat it optimally, a key to improving each patient's odds of survival.

Because Torrance Memorial is accredited by the American College of Surgeons (ACoS), we participate in this organization's National Cancer Data Base (NCDB). Data on cancer patient survival is collected from all ACoS member facilities and published in a national database. Although monitoring of our NCDB survival data compared to other ACoS member facilities is ongoing, this year our Cancer Program Annual Report focused on our breast cancer treatment and outcomes.

Download the 2013 Cancer Annual Report

Below is an ACoS graph comparing five-year survival rate by disease stage of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The graph shows that Torrance Memorial has a better or equal 5-year survival for breast cancer patients at all stages of disease compared to other ACoS member California and national hospitals.


The five-year survival rate of cancer patients diagnosed at Torrance Memorial, at each stage of their cancer, is higher than the national average.

*Source: National Cancer Data Base, a joint project of the American Cancer Society and American College of Surgeons, cancer cases diagnosed in 1993-1994.
**Stages 0-3 represent the different levels of progression of the cancer at the time of the diagnosis. For example, Stage 0 is an early cancer and is associated with the highest five-year survival.